Char-dust Cleaner And Salvager Job

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Char-dust Cleaner And Salvager Job

CHAR-DUST CLEANER AND SALVAGER JOB will do the fallowing jobs / work – 1. Cleans floors and equipment, and performs following duties in char-house: Cleans and collects char dust from floors, pump basins, pipelines, and tank tops. 2. Observes operating machinery, such as char-draw mechanisms, spreaders, and char-collectors, for blockades or malfunctioning, and reports irregularities to superiors. 3. Fills sacks with salvaged char dust and sews, weighs, and stores sacks. 4. Obtains samples of char and takes them to laboratory for analysis. 5. Delivers requisitions, runs errands, and supplies filter blankets and wedges to other workers.


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