Chair Upholsterer Job

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Chair Upholsterer Job

CHAIR UPHOLSTERER JOB will do the fallowing jobs / work – 1. Upholsters chairs having no springs: Cuts out and molds padding material in place on arms, seats, or backs, and covers padding with cotton wadding. 2. Stretches and tacks or staples canvas, burlap, or denim over wadding, leaving opening for further filling. 3. Molds and packs wadding under cover, using hands or rod to eliminate lumps. 4. Closes opening with tacks when packing is completed. 5. Stretches precut upholstery covering over covered padding and tacks it in place. 6. Sews or glues trimming over tacks and raw edges of upholstery. 7. May glue foam cushions to particleboard backing to form seat cushions for chairs. 8. May glue upholstery material onto shaped foam to make cushions for upholstered furniture.


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