Certification And Selection Specialist Job

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Certification And Selection Specialist Job

CERTIFICATION AND SELECTION SPECIALIST JOB will do the fallowing jobs / work – 1. Interviews, examines, and evaluates qualifications of applicants for teaching positions in public school system, using guidelines established by school district and state education licensing codes: Reviews and evaluates construction of written examinations to ensure that questions meet district’s testing standards. 2. Confers with other members of staff in order to coordinate district’s teacher recruiting efforts. 3. Reviews transcripts and interviews candidates to ascertain qualifications for positions within district. 4. Corrects and scores essay portions of examinations, utilizing knowledge of teaching methods. 5. Authorizes preparation of paper work assigning teaching candidates to positions. 6. Analyzes reports and statistical data on criteria used to select, examine, and recruit teaching staff to ensure that methods conform to predetermined policies, standards, and codes, and recommends procedure revisions as needed. 7. Informs candidates of employment possibilities within district. 8. May evaluate qualifications of candidates applying for other certificated positions within district.


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