Ceramic Capacitor Processor Job

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Ceramic Capacitor Processor Job

CERAMIC CAPACITOR PROCESSOR JOB will do the fallowing jobs / work – 1. Performs any combination of following tasks to process substrate, electrode, and termination materials to form monolithic ceramic capacitors: Reviews work orders and production schedules to determine processing specifications. 2. Deposits layer of dielectric ceramic material on thermoplastic sheets, using tape casting equipment. 3. Cuts cast sheets into ceramic wafers. 4. Verifies and sorts wafers according to thickness and quality, using thickness gauge and magnifying device. 5. Deposits electrode material onto wafers, using silk screen printing machine. 6. Heats and compresses stacks of imprinted, ceramic wafers to form laminates, using laminating press. 7. Cuts laminate into chips, using bench-mounted cutting equipment or automatic cutter. 8. Loads chips onto boat and fires chips in kiln to fuse laminated material. 9. Applies conductive termination material to specified edges of ceramic chips, manually or using automatic dipping equipment. 10. Fuses conductive termination material to ceramic chip, using automatic oven. 11. Polishes fused chip, using tumbler. 12. Solders lead wires to ceramic chip, manually or using automatic soldering machine. 13. Encases capacitors in epoxy material.


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