Centrifuge Operator Job

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Centrifuge Operator Job

CENTRIFUGE OPERATOR JOB will do the fallowing jobs / work – 1. Tends centrifuge that removes impurities from varnishes and lacquers: Positions filter cloth on supply tank of centrifuge. 2. Starts pump to transfer product from cooling tank, through filter, into containers or supply tank. 3. Starts centrifuge and opens discharge valve to transfer filtered material from centrifuge into portable tank. 4. Adjusts controls to regulate flow of material through lines and tanks. 5. May start pumps to transfer liquids from portable tank to storage tank. 6. Disassembles centrifuge and pump, using handtools and cleans equipment with solvents. 7. Pumps liquids to filter press if further filtration is specified. 8. May be designated according to material filtered as Lacquer Filterer; Varnish Filterer I.


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