Centrifugal-station Operator, Automatic Job

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Centrifugal-station Operator, Automatic Job

CENTRIFUGAL-STATION OPERATOR, AUTOMATIC JOB will do the fallowing jobs / work – 1. Tends battery of automatic batch-type, recycling centrifugals that separate sugar crystals from mother liquor: Sets timing of cycles on control board, according to type and consistency of syrup being processed. 2. Turns switches on control panel to start centrifugals and regulate flow of solution. 3. Observes colored panel lights, dials, and continuous graphs, and adjusts controls to maintain specified temperature, pressure, and cycling and recycling operations. 4. Adjusts timers or controls as necessary to obtain specified operating conditions. 5. Observes progress of solution through loading, washing, spin drying, and dumping processes to detect faulty operation of equipment. 6. Records operational data.


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