Centrifugal-drier Operator Job

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Centrifugal-drier Operator Job

CENTRIFUGAL-DRIER OPERATOR JOB will do the fallowing jobs / work – 1. Tends centrifugal drier that removes water or other liquids from slurries: Inserts filter cloth and screen in basket of centrifugal drum. 2. Lowers bell-shaped cover over outlet in bottom of basket if unit is bottom-discharge type and shovels, pours, or pumps slurry into basket. 3. Closes lid if unit is top-discharge type. 4. Starts basket revolving and moves control to regulate speed, according to specifications. 5. Lifts bell, lowers blade to cut crystallized cake from walls of basket, and pushes centrifuged mass through outlet into containers or onto conveyor, using paddle. 6. May release trap door, start pumps, or shovel material from basket to unload drier. 7. May turn steam or fuel valves to heat drier basket or drum to maintain centrifuged material at specified temperature while drying. 8. When drying and discharging salt, may be designated Salt Cutter.


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