Centrifugal-casting-machine Tender Job

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Centrifugal-casting-machine Tender Job

CENTRIFUGAL-CASTING-MACHINE TENDER JOB will do the fallowing jobs / work – 1. Tends machine that casts plastic containers: Fills tubs with prescribed amounts of colored thermoplastic powder and zinc compound, using scoop and scale. 2. Positions tubs containing mixture to facilitate loading of molds. 3. Fills molds with specified amount of mixture, closes mold covers, and depresses toggle latches to lock covers in place. 4. Presses buttons to start centrifugal-casting machine that automatically heats, spreads, hardens, and shapes mixture into plastic molds to form refuse containers. 5. Pulls toggle latches to release mold covers and removes covers. 6. Breaks seals that hold plastic containers in molds and removes containers from molds, using handtool. 7. Wipes moisture from inside of molds, using cloth rag. 8. Trims flashing from containers, using utility knife.


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