Centrifugal-casting-machine Operator Job

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Centrifugal-casting-machine Operator Job

CENTRIFUGAL-CASTING-MACHINE OPERATOR JOB will do the fallowing jobs / work – 1. Operates one or more centrifugal-casting machines to cast metal parts of costume jewelry: Dusts inside of rubber mold with chalkdust compound to facilitate flow of metal during casting and prevent mold from burning. 2. Fits halves of molds together and places them on mold setting. 3. Places disks under mold to adjust working pressure. 4. Positions metal-pressure plate on mold to level mold on machine. 5. Sets dial for specified pressure and speed of rotation, closes lid, and starts machine. 6. Pours molten metal through funnel into machine, using ladle. 7. Stops machine and removes mold. 8. Separates halves of mold to remove casting, using pliers. 9. May cast wax models of jewelry.


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