Central-office Operator Job

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Central-office Operator Job

CENTRAL-OFFICE OPERATOR JOB will do the fallowing jobs / work – 1. Operates telephone switchboard to establish or assist customers in establishing local or long-distance telephone connections: Observes signal light on switchboard, plugs cords into trunk-jack, and dials or presses button to make connections. 2. Inserts tickets in calculagraph to record time of toll calls. 3. Consults charts to determine charges for pay-telephone calls, and requests coin deposits for calls. 4. May give information regarding subscribers’ telephone numbers. 5. Calculates and quotes charges on long-distance calls. 6. May make long-distance connections and be designated Long-Distance Operator.


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Company: Grand Hyatt Abu Dhabi
Job Details: A Diploma/Degree in Hospitality/Hotel Management, with minimum of 1 year work experience as Telephones Operator in a hotel or in a similar large building…

Marina In Charge

Company: RAK Properties
Job Details: Familiarity with general office equipment, cash handling, cheque / credit card procedures and end of day sales desk routines.

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