Center-machine Operator Job

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Center-machine Operator Job

CENTER-MACHINE OPERATOR JOB will do the fallowing jobs / work – 1. Sets up and operates machine that extrudes soft candy, such as fondant, to form centers of specified size and shape for bonbons and chocolates: Inserts die plate in machine and tightens thumbscrews to secure plate. 2. Examines and feels candy for specified consistency. 3. Dumps candy into machine hopper. 4. Starts machine that automatically feeds candy through openings in die plate and cuts off and deposits formed pieces on conveyor, or moves control to force candy through openings in die plate and moves wires that cut extruded candy to specified thickness. 5. Weighs formed pieces at random to determine adherence to specifications. 6. Adjusts wire or knife that cuts extruded candy to specified dimensions. 7. When making cream centers to be coated with chocolate, may synchronize speed of center machine with enrobing machine. 8. May be designated by product formed as Fondant-Puff Maker; Marshmallow Runner.


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