Cementer, Machine Job

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Cementer, Machine Job

CEMENTER, MACHINE JOB will do the fallowing jobs / work – 1. Tends machines that apply margin of rubber or latex cement to rubberized fabric parts used in assembling rubber footwear: Starts machine, picks up uncemented part from book, board, tray, frame, or stack and applies cement, using any of following methods: Draws edge of workpiece between preset revolving rollers, exercising care to obtain even coating and prevent part from being misshapen. 2. Depresses pedal to bring rollers together on material passing between rollers. 3. Holds top of skirtlike upper along bottom edge between rollers to apply margin of cement all around for subsequent bonding to shoe bottom. 4. Turns setscrews to adjust distances between pickup, wiper, and applicator rollers and blades to regulate amount of cement deposited. 5. Places processed parts on conveyor belt or in books, frames, or stacks. 6. May stack one part in another before cementing.


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