Cementer, Machine Applicator Job

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Cementer, Machine Applicator Job

CEMENTER, MACHINE APPLICATOR JOB will do the fallowing jobs / work – 1. Applies cement onto separate shoe parts prior to joining, performing any of following operations: Feeds parts between pressure and cementing rollers of machine and removes cemented parts. 2. Holds part against cement-covered roller or revolving brush that applies cement to part. 3. Feeds parts between rollers that move parts under spray nozzle. 4. Holds parts under machine applicator nozzle. 5. May fill cement reservoir. 6. May join parts together. 7. May be designated according to parts coated as Binding Cementer, French Cord; Bottom Cementer I; Cementer For Folding, Machine; Channel Cementer, Insole, Machine; Channel Cementer, Outsole, Machine; Heel Cementer, Machine. 8. May be designated: Heel-Lining Paster; Platform Cementer; Potdevin Cementer, Machine; Outsole Cementer, Machine; Rand Cementer; Tuck-And-Insole Cementer; Upper-Lining Cementer; Welt-Strip Cementer, Machine.


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