Cement Loader Job

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Cement Loader Job

CEMENT LOADER JOB will do the fallowing jobs / work – 1. Tends pneumatic conveyor, or belt, auger, or bucket conveyor to load and unload bulk cement onto tank trucks or railroad tank and hopper cars: Inserts loading nozzle in opening on tank trucks. 2. Starts pump and turns lever to open slide on storage bins. 3. Observes weight indicator on scale and regulates speed of feed to fill tank in truck. 4. Records weight on sales slip. 5. Tends winch to position railroad tank cars under loading nozzles. 6. Inserts nozzles in loading ports of car and turns on pump to feed in cement. 7. Records weight loaded on manifest. 8. May tend equipment that inserts flexible pipe into railroad tank and hopper cars and tank trucks. 9. May bag cement. 10. May be designated according to vehicle loaded as Cement-Railroad-Car Loader; Cement-Truck Loader.


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