Cell Tender Job

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Cell Tender Job

CELL TENDER JOB will do the fallowing jobs / work – 1. Controls electrolytic cells to produce caustic soda, chlorine, or hydrogen to specified standards from brine solution: Regulates brine flow to cells, according to power input and strength of electrolyte. 2. Observes flow through sight glasses; reads gauges, chart recorders, and manometer; and moves controls to regulate level of cell liquor, brine flow, cell pressure, current, and temperatures, within efficient operating limits. 3. Turns valves and starts pumps to maintain specified back pressure on hydrogen and vacuum on chlorine. 4. Observes gauges, turns valves, and starts pumps to tend auxiliary equipment, such as hydrogen scrubbers, water sprayers, condensers, and driers to purify, recover, or further process hydrogen, chlorine, and caustic liquor. 5. Inspects cells, contact bars, pumps, turbines, and hydrogen and caustic outlets to detect overheating, stoppages, and leaks. 6. Opens valves to flush lines and to draw sample of cell liquor. 7. Measures specific gravity of liquor to facilitate process controls using hydrometer. 8. Records data, such as temperatures, flow rate, operating time, and repairs made or needed. 9. May replace glass and rubber tubing, nipples, and assemblies, and clean cell orifices and vents. 10. When operating auxiliary equipment only to recover chlorine or hydrogen gas, may be designated Chlorine-Cell Tender; Hydrogen-Cell Tender.


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