Cell Cleaner Job

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Cell Cleaner Job

CELL CLEANER JOB will do the fallowing jobs / work – 1. Cleans electrolytic cells and cell assemblies, performing any combination of following tasks: Connects hose to water or steam line and flushes cell to clean surfaces. 2. Scrapes assemblies, using handscrapers and wire brushes to remove accumulations of dirt, putty, scale, and encrusted salt. 3. Transfers cathodes to washrack, using wheeled cart and hoist. 4. Flushes cathodes and cathode screens with water to remove asbestos and caustic residue, and transfers cathodes to drying area. 5. Flushes pit sump and recovered asbestos with water. 6. Cleans sight glasses and glass tubing by dipping in acid, solvent, and water. 7. May be designated according to cell equipment cleaned as Cathode Washer.


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