Cd-storage-and-materials Make-up Helper Job

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Cd-storage-and-materials Make-up Helper Job

CD-STORAGE-AND-MATERIALS MAKE-UP HELPER JOB will do the fallowing jobs / work – 1. Tends equipment to prepare basic chemical solutions used in production of synthetic rubber: Opens valves and starts pumps to admit chlorobutadiene into weigh tank. 2. Adds specified ingredients into tank, according to formula. 3. Starts agitator in tank to mix contents. 4. Turns valve to control flow of steam into tank jacket to maintain specified temperature of solution. 5. Mixes persulfate and water in tank according to formula. 6. Pumps prepared solution to processing areas. 7. Records data, such as materials prepared and chemicals used. 8. Pumps brine or nitrogen through chlorobutadiene stored in tanks to prevent spontaneous polymerization. 9. Disassembles and cleans scrubbers, using handtools and steam hose.


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