Catalytic-converter-operator Helper Job

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Catalytic-converter-operator Helper Job

CATALYTIC-CONVERTER-OPERATOR HELPER JOB will do the fallowing jobs / work – 1. Tends catalytic converters that alter chemical composition of liquid or gaseous substances as directed by CATALYTIC-CONVERTER OPERATOR: Moves controls to set material feed, temperature, and pressure regulators at specified values. 2. Monitors operation of pumps and auxiliary equipment, such as heat exchangers and absorbers, and moves controls to maintain operating equilibrium in auxiliaries as directed. 3. Assists other workers in changing catalyst in reactor units. 4. Turns valves to purge converters and sets thermostat on catalyst regenerators to rejuvenate spent catalyst. 5. Records instrument readings in operating log. 6. May be designated according to product produced as Butadiene-Converter Helper; Ethylbenzene-Converter Helper; Ethylene-Plant Helper; or according to chemical reaction effected as Dehydrogenation-Converter Helper.


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