Catalog Librarian Job

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Catalog Librarian Job

CATALOG LIBRARIAN JOB will do the fallowing jobs / work – 1. Compiles information on library materials, such as books and periodicals, and prepares catalog cards to identify materials and to integrate information into library catalog: Verifies author, title, and classification number on sample catalog card received from CLASSIFIER against corresponding data on title page. 2. Fills in additional information, such as publisher, date of publication, and edition. 3. Examines material and notes additional information, such as bibliographies, illustrations, maps, and appendices. 4. Copies classification number from sample card into library material for identification. 5. Files cards into assigned sections of catalog. 6. Tabulates number of sample cards according to quantity of material and catalog subject headings to determine amount of new cards to be ordered or reproduced. 7. Prepares inventory card to record purchase information and location of library material. 8. Requisitions additional cards. 9. Records new information, such as death date of author and revised edition date, to amend cataloged cards. 10. May supervise activities of other workers in unit.


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