Caster Job

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Caster Job

CASTER JOB will do the fallowing jobs / work – 1. Mixes slurry, fills molds, and conveys filled molds to drier to cast refractory brick, using mixer, vibrating table, chain hoist, and related equipment: Reads work order to determine product to be cast and bolts specified mold parts together, using impact wrench. 2. Attaches chain hoist to assembled mold and moves mold to vibrating table. 3. Empties premeasured ingredients into mixer according to formula, adds water, and starts mixer. 4. Observes mixture and adds additional water, as required, to achieve prescribed consistency, utilizing acquired experience. 5. Fills bucket with slurry and pours slurry into mold. 6. Presses switch to start vibrating device on table and adds slurry to fill mold as mixture settles during vibration. 7. Draws metal bar across surface of mixture to level casting. 8. Stacks filled molds in drier car, using chain hoist, and pushes loaded car along rail into drier. 9. Sets drier controls to dry castings according to specifications, and pulls drier car from drier at end of cycle. 10. Removes molds from dried products, using impact wrench. 11. Cleans mold parts, using brush.


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