Casket Liner Job

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Casket Liner Job

CASKET LINER JOB will do the fallowing jobs / work – 1. Pads and lines inside of bodies and tops of caskets: Spreads layer of excelsior evenly over bottom of casket and spreads layer of cotton over excelsior. 2. Cuts cloth from supply roll, using hand shears, and tacks or staples cloth over bottom padding. 3. Pads and covers sides and ends of casket with cotton and crepe. 4. Staples or tacks lining over padding. 5. Tacks or staples prepared lining into top panel or cuts or drapes lining material into top, depending on casket style. 6. May attach handles and supporting hardware. 7. May fit and glue fabric to inside of casket cover body to fashion designs onto head panels.


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