Casket Coverer Job

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Casket Coverer Job

CASKET COVERER JOB will do the fallowing jobs / work – 1. Fits and glues fabric covering to outside of casket body, top frame, and top panel: Brushes glue over sides and ends of casket body, top frame, and top panel. 2. Spreads fabric over glued surface, pulling, pressing, and smoothing cover over casket surfaces. 3. Trims excess fabric at corners. 4. Folds edge of cover under bottom and glues, tacks, or staples it to bottom. 5. Tacks or glues trimming material over seams and exposed edges. 6. Cuts and glues paper cover to bottom of casket. 7. May attach hinges to fasten top frame to body. 8. May attach top panel to top frame with screws. 9. May be designated according to part of casket covered as Body Coverer; Cap Coverer; Panel Coverer; Top Coverer; Top-Frame Coverer.


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