Casing Cleaner Job

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Casing Cleaner Job

CASING CLEANER JOB will do the fallowing jobs / work – 1. Feeds animal intestines into machine rollers that prepares them for use as sausage casings: Soaks intestines in vats of warm water to loosen waste matter and deposits. 2. Separates soaked intestines and removes loosened matter. 3. Feeds intestines between crushing and finishing rolls that strip lime, fat, and mucus, and roll casing into shape. 4. Measures and ties casings into bundles, and packs bundles in salt for shipment. 5. Unpacks cured casings and soaks them for subsequent processing into sausage casings. 6. May clean and flush animal stomachs for use as casings. 7. May adjust tension on machine rollers. 8. May be designated according to function performed as Casing Packer; Casing Soaker; or machine tended as Casing-Machine Operator.


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