Cashier-wrapper Job

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Cashier-wrapper Job

CASHIER-WRAPPER JOB will do the fallowing jobs / work – 1. Operates cash register to compute and record total sale and wraps merchandise for customers in department, variety, and specialty stores: Receives sales slip, money, and merchandise from salesperson or customer. 2. Records amount of sale on cash register and makes change. 3. Obtains credit authorization on charge purchases in excess of floor limit from designated official, using telephone or pneumatic tube carrier. 4. Inspects merchandise prior to wrapping to see that it is in satisfactory condition and verifies sales slip with price tickets on merchandise. 5. Places merchandise in bags or boxes and gives change and packages to selling personnel. 6. Wraps packages for shipment and routes to delivery department. 7. Balances cash received with cash sales daily. 8. May gift wrap merchandise.


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