Cashier Ii Job

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Cashier Ii Job

CASHIER II JOB will do the fallowing jobs / work – 1. Receives cash from customers or employees in payment for goods or services and records amounts received: Recomputes or computes bill, itemized lists, and tickets showing amount due, using adding machine or cash register. 2. Makes change, cashes checks, and issues receipts or tickets to customers. 3. Records amounts received and prepares reports of transactions. 4. Reads and records totals shown on cash register tape and verifies against cash on hand. 5. May be required to know value and features of items for which money is received. 6. May give cash refunds or issue credit memorandums to customers for returned merchandise. 7. May operate ticket-dispensing machine. 8. May operate cash register with peripheral electronic data processing equipment by passing individual price coded items across electronic scanner to record price, compile printed list, and display cost of customer purchase, tax, and rebates on monitor screen. 9. May sell candy, cigarettes, gum, and gift certificates, and issue trading stamps. 10. May be designated according to nature of establishment as Cafeteria Cashier; Cashier, Parking Lot; Dining-Room Cashier; Service-Bar Cashier; Store Cashier; or according to type of account as Cashier, Credit; Cashier, Payments Received. 11. May press numeric keys of computer corresponding to gasoline pump to reset meter on pump and to record amount of sale and be designated Cashier, Self-Service Gasoline. 12. May receive money, make change, and cash checks for sales personnel on same floor and be designated Floor Cashier. 13. May make change for patrons at places of amusement other than gambling establishments and be designated Change-Booth Cashier.


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