Caser Job

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Caser Job

CASER JOB will do the fallowing jobs / work – 1. Performs any combination of following tasks as member of casing crew: Removes thread protectors from casing sections, using pipe wrenches. 2. Attaches pull-in cable to section of casing and signals crewmember to hoist casing onto derrick platform. 3. Attaches cable clamp on casing. 4. Signals rig operator to hoist casing. 5. Pushes or pulls suspended casing to position and align casing section for coupling. 6. Tightens threaded casing sections, using spin rope or spin chain and casing tongs. 7. Removes handslips from casing section to enable rig operator to lower string of coupled casing into borehole. 8. Places handslips around casing at wellhead to prevent string of casing from falling into borehole during change or addition of casing sections. 9. Pushes or pulls suspended casing sections while on casing board on derrick tower to assist crewmembers on derrick floor in stabbing casing sections.


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