Case-making-machine Operator Job

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Case-making-machine Operator Job

CASE-MAKING-MACHINE OPERATOR JOB will do the fallowing jobs / work – 1. Tends machine that glues binder boards and reinforcing strips to covering material, miters corners of covers, and turns edges of covers over boards to assemble book covers: Reads work order to determine adjustment requirements. 2. Turns thumbscrews to adjust feed hopper guides according to size of binder boards and covers, and fills feed hopper with binder boards and covers. 3. Mounts roll of reinforcing paper onto spindle, or inserts roll into holder, and adjusts cutting blade. 4. Adjusts corner-nicking and mitering blades as specified. 5. Fills glue fountain and turns switch to activate heating element. 6. Adjusts rollers to distribute glue on binder boards and reinforcing strips. 7. Adjusts pressure gauge of roller, according to thickness of binder boards. 8. Starts machine and places covering pieces sequentially onto feeder. 9. Examines finished covers to ensure established standards have been met. 10. Adjusts machine as necessary during production run. 11. Occasionally stirs glue to maintain consistency. 12. May mount roll of headbands on spindle of machine that cuts and glues headbands on each end of reinforcing strip. 13. May position, align, and press binder boards, reinforcing strips, and headbands onto covering material, and turn in corners manually. 14. May slide cover down into machine or push cover between press surfaces of pneumatic-powered machine that folds, creases, and bonds protruding edges of covers over boards and manually rotates cover until all edges have been creased and bonded. 15. May feed covers through rotary press to ensure bonding. 16. May stack finished covers on table.


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