Case Hardener Job

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Case Hardener Job

CASE HARDENER JOB will do the fallowing jobs / work – 1. Controls furnace to harden surface of steel objects, using any of following methods: Places objects in wire basket and immerses them in heated chemical bath, such as sodium cyanide. 2. Packs objects in metal boxes filled with carbonaceous material, such as coke, coal, bone charcoal, or barium carbonate, and charges boxes into furnace. 3. Charges objects into furnace and opens valves to circulate carbon-rich gas, such as methane, around objects during heating process. 4. Removes objects from bath or furnace and quenches objects in oil, water, or brine, or allows objects to cool to predetermined temperature before quenching, depending on metal properties specified. 5. May be designated according to article case-hardened as Die Case Hardener; or by process used as Cyanide Furnace Operator.


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