Carpet Weaver, Jacquard Loom Job

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Carpet Weaver, Jacquard Loom Job

CARPET WEAVER, JACQUARD LOOM JOB will do the fallowing jobs / work – 1. Operates one or more Jacquard looms equipped with pile-wire mechanism to weave carpeting of intricate design: Moves lever to open shed, and inserts specified number of pile wires through shed in sequence to produce pile. 2. Forces cop of filling into shuttle, using mallet, and inserts shuttle into loom. 3. Places wax in holder to lubricate pile wires as wires enter and are withdrawn from shed. 4. Starts loom and observes weaving to detect exhausted filling packages, mispicks, and irregular cutting of pile. 5. Replaces exhausted filling, inserts pile wires into missed loops, and replaces dull cutting blades. 6. Pulls out filling to remove defects in carpeting. 7. Pulls cord to reverse pattern chain and card cylinder so that weaving will resume at place where defect occurred to maintain pattern continuity. 8. Notifies CARD CHANGER, JACQUARD LOOM as pattern cards become worn or damaged. 9. May be designated according to type of carpeting woven as Wilton Weaver.


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