Carpet Sewer Job

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Carpet Sewer Job

CARPET SEWER JOB will do the fallowing jobs / work – 1. Operates sewing machine to join carpet sections or braided yarn strips to form rug and finish edges, performing any combination of following duties: Joins sections of carpeting to form rug of desired size or continuous length. 2. Sews decorative trimmings on rugs, borders on runners, or binding to prevent edges from raveling. 3. Operates sewing machine that loops yarn into fringe and stitches fringe to edge of rug. 4. Joins braided strips of yarn to form round or oval rug of desired size. 5. Joins widths of leno cloth used on backing of rugs. 6. May join sections of carpet together, using seaming tape and liquid cement. 7. Performs other duties as described under SEWING-MACHINE OPERATOR, REGULAR EQUIPMENT Master Title.


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