Carpet Inspector, Finished Job

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Carpet Inspector, Finished Job

CARPET INSPECTOR, FINISHED JOB will do the fallowing jobs / work – 1. Examines finished carpeting for weaving or tufting defects, variations in color and finish, soil, and uneven shearing: Pulls carpeting from roll onto floor to facilitate inspection. 2. Walks or crawls over carpeting, feeling and scanning carpeting for defects. 3. Repairs weaving defects and cleans soiled areas or notifies BURLER to make repairs. 4. Marks finishing and shearing defects with chalk. 5. Notifies respective departments of defects. 6. Measures length of carpeting or pile height for conformance to specifications, using ruler and tape measure. 7. Records yardage on work ticket. 8. Compares carpeting with standard swatches and grades carpeting according to standards for various grades.


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