Carpenter, Prototype Job

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Carpenter, Prototype Job

CARPENTER, PROTOTYPE JOB will do the fallowing jobs / work – 1. Fits and installs bulkheads, sole, and cabinets in prototype fiberglass boats, and cuts pattern for production sailboats: Reads preliminary blueprints to determine bulkhead dimensions and position. 2. Transfers dimensions to marine plywood, using tape measure, square, and marking devices. 3. Cuts wood to specified dimensions, using portable electric saw. 4. Lifts and carries wood and climbs scaffolds to position plywood in hull. 5. Pushes and pulls to position bulkhead in accordance with specifications. 6. Marks and trims bulkhead to remove excess material and ensure bulkhead matches hull contour. 7. Attaches bulkhead to pawl with clamps to immobilize bulkhead. 8. Applies liquid adhesive to back of trim fabric and surface to be covered, using brush. 9. Lays fabric on adhesive-coated area and smooths material with hands to remove wrinkles. 10. Slides and shoves prebuilt cabinets into specified position. 11. Transfers measurements of fitted parts to plywood, using tape measure, square, and marking devices. 12. Cuts wood, using portable electric saw, to make pattern for production sailboat.


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