Cardiac Monitor Technician Job

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Cardiac Monitor Technician Job

CARDIAC MONITOR TECHNICIAN JOB will do the fallowing jobs / work – 1. Monitors heart rhythm pattern of patients in special care unit of hospital to detect abnormal pattern variances, using telemetry equipment: Reviews patient information to determine normal heart rhythm pattern, current pattern, and prior variances. 2. Observes screen of cardiac monitor and listens for alarm to identify abnormal variation in heart rhythm. 3. Informs supervisor or NURSE, GENERAL DUTY of variances to initiate examination of patient. 4. Measures length and height of patient’s heart rhythm pattern on graphic tape readout, using calipers, and posts information on patient records. 5. Answers calls for assistance from patients and inquiries concerning patients from medical staff, using intercom and call director. 6. May perform duties as described under ELECTROCARDIOGRAPH TECHNICIAN.


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