Carcass Splitter Job

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Carcass Splitter Job

CARCASS SPLITTER JOB will do the fallowing jobs / work – 1. Performs any combination of following tasks involved in dismembering and cutting up hog, veal, beef, and other animal carcasses to facilitate handling preparatory to marketing or further processing, using knife, cleavers, hand and power saws, and other cutting tools: Saws or cuts through pelvic area of animal, and splits belly to expose and remove viscera. 2. Splits suspended carcass in half lengthwise along backbone of beef sides, and smooths and shapes beef with paddle. 3. Saws ribs along interior of hog carcasses to facilitate removal of loins and ribs. 4. Cuts, cleaves, or saws carcass sections to sever forequarters, hindquarters, shoulders, rumps, legs, and other parts. 5. Saws trimmed bones, such as skulls, ribs, and legs, into pieces preparatory to processing into byproducts. 6. May be known according to type or part of animal cut as Aitchbone Breaker; Beef Ribber; Bone Sawyer; Breast Sawyer; Ham Sawyer; Hog Sawyer. 7. May be designated: Rump Sawyer; Shoulder Sawyer; Side Splitter.


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