Carbonizer Job

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Carbonizer Job

CARBONIZER JOB will do the fallowing jobs / work – 1. Tends range that reduces and chars vegetable matter in woolen fabrics to facilitate removal of matter: Pushes trucks of cloth into feeding position and sews cloth end to lead cloth, using portable sewing machine. 2. Turns handwheels to adjust width guides and tension devices according to width of cloth. 3. Turns valves to admit water and acid into wet-out and carbonizing troughs. 4. Sets thermostat to control temperature in charring unit. 5. Starts range and turns handwheel to regulate movement of cloth through range, according to weight of fabric. 6. Tests strength of acid solution by titration or with hydrometer. 7. Admits water or acid into carbonizing trough to maintain uniform strength of carbonizing agent. 8. Records titration results or hydrometer readings, style number, and yardage of cloth processed. 9. Cleans lint from filters of charring unit, using vacuum hose.


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