Carbon-coater-machine Operator Job

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Carbon-coater-machine Operator Job

CARBON-COATER-MACHINE OPERATOR JOB will do the fallowing jobs / work – 1. Operates machine that coats paper or plastic sheeting with inked wax-oil preparation to make carbon paper: Dips hot solution from storage vat, using pail, and pours solution into pans of machine. 2. Installs roll of paper on machine and threads roll through series of rollers that roll coating on paper, imprint back of paper with identifying data, and chill coating to harden it. 3. Observes gauges and turns steam and cold water valves to regulate temperatures of rolls. 4. Starts machine and observes paper to detect defects, such as tears, slits, holes, and light spots, blurred or incomplete printing, and lack of sheen in coating that indicates need for replenishing ink supply. 5. Turns nuts to adjust tension of roll to prevent wrinkles in paper. 6. Measures thickness of coated paper, using micrometer, to verify that specified quantity of coating is being applied. 7. Cuts jammed paper from rolls and machine, using knife and shears. 8. Cleans rolls and machine parts with solvent and cloths.


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