Car Scrubber Job

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Car Scrubber Job

CAR SCRUBBER JOB will do the fallowing jobs / work – 1. Cleans surfaces of railroad cars preparatory to painting: Strips car of articles, such as sign frames, signal cords, curtains, seat cushions, and window frames, using handtools. 2. Sweeps or blows dirt from car, using broom or airhose. 3. Scrubs surfaces of car, using brush, sponge, and cleaning solution. 4. Rubs varnished surfaces of car, after painting, with powdered pumice stone and cloth to attain smooth even finish. 5. Scrapes excess paint from window glass, using sharp edged instrument. 6. May sand surface areas to remove paint, using emery cloth, and sandpaper. 7. May mask areas not to be painted, using tape and masking liquid.


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