Car-retarder Operator Job

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Car-retarder Operator Job

CAR-RETARDER OPERATOR JOB will do the fallowing jobs / work – 1. Controls track switches and car-retarder system from elevated tower to route and regulate speed of freight cars entering railroad classification yard and couple them to make up trains: Reads switching orders to ascertain routing of cars. 2. Ascertains from YARD ENGINEER number of car to be shunted over hump into classification yard and compares number with switching orders to determine track to which car should be routed. 3. Observes lights on panelboard that indicate if track switches are open or closed. 4. Notifies YARD ENGINEER when to shunt car and presses button on panelboard that throws track switch to route car onto designated track. 5. Observes car as it coasts down decline of hump and presses button on panelboard that activates retarder to reduce speed of car as it reaches end of track or car to which it is to be coupled.


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