Car-dumper Operator Job

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Car-dumper Operator Job

CAR-DUMPER OPERATOR JOB will do the fallowing jobs / work – 1. Controls equipment that tilts railroad cars to dump grain into receiving hopper for transfer to storage elevator: Pulls lever to activate clamp that fastens car into position on dumping platform. 2. Breaks car seal and pushes open sliding door. 3. Starts conveyor leading from receiving hopper into elevator, and energizes electromagnet which removes metal from grain. 4. Receives signals, and pushes and pulls levers of dumping machinery in sequence to tilt and jog car until car is empty. 5. Returns car to upright position and releases holding mechanism. 6. May remove wood and paper falling from tipped car, using grappling hooks. 7. May guide grain from car, using wood or metal plank. 8. May pull box cars onto and off of dumping platform, using winch and cable.


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