Car Cooper Job

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Car Cooper Job

CAR COOPER JOB will do the fallowing jobs / work – 1. Prepares railroad freight cars for loading with grain, ores, packaged goods, and other items: Opens side drop or hopper-bottom doors of cars. 2. Sweeps, scrapes, and shovels rubbish from floors. 3. Hammers down or removes protruding nails from floors and sides. 4. Closes car doors and hammers wooden wedges through latches to secure them. 5. May line interior of cars and doors with paper or cardboard. 6. May repair holes in floors and sides by nailing boards over them. 7. May mix caulking compound and caulk cracks in cars, using handtools. 8. May patch holes in roofs with asphalt coating. 9. May wash interior and exterior of cars, using water hose, disinfectants, brushes, and brooms. 10. May seal doors of loaded cars. 11. May move cars on track, using capstan winch or car bar. 12. May spray cars with insecticides to destroy insects and rodents. 13. May record data, such as car number, condition of car for shipment, and date fumigated.


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