Canvas Worker Job

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Canvas Worker Job

CANVAS WORKER JOB will do the fallowing jobs / work – 1. Lays out canvas, plastic, rubber, and other materials and fabricates and assembles material into sails, awnings, tents, and tarpaulins: Lays out full scale drawings on sail loft floor, according to blueprints or sketches, using chalk. 2. Cuts pattern from paper according to full scale drawing. 3. Marks outline on material with crayon. 4. Cuts material with shears or power cutter. 5. Sews sections of material together on power sewing machine. 6. Installs grommets, metal fittings, and fasteners by machine. 7. When hand-sewing grommets, measures and marks off grommet holes on material, punches holes, using mallet, punch, and hardwood block, and sews galvanized iron ring to edge of hole, using sailmaker’s palm and sail twine. 8. Splices, inserts, and hems manila or wire rope in edges to relieve strain or sews rope at points where sail is attached to boom or mast. 9. Secures rope or cable to finished article. 10. Wraps and sews parts of rope or wire that are subject to chafing. 11. Installs and adjusts completed product on shipboard. 12. Examines completed sails for conformance to specifications. 13. May make awning frames. 14. May be designated according to type of product made as Awning Maker; Sailmaker; Tentmaker.


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