Canopy Stringer Job

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Canopy Stringer Job

CANOPY STRINGER JOB will do the fallowing jobs / work – 1. Threads shroud lines through perpendicular seams of parachute canopy for connecting canopy to parachute harness: Spreads canopy on table and places vent over holders. 2. Secures end of line in barbs of insertion needle and working from interior dome of canopy outward, inserts shroud lines through holes in opposite panel seams so that center of line lays in semicircle around top hem. 3. Threads and pulls line down through panel seam, drawing it out just above reinforcements attached to bottom hem of canopy. 4. Pins shroud lines at hem and vent, according to markings on line, to facilitate stitching of lines to canopy. 5. Braids lines to prevent tangling, cooperating with co-worker, so that each advances one panel seam in same circular direction as stringing progresses. 6. May thread shroud lines through horizontal seams of aerial recovery parachutes. 7. May insert line into itself, using insertion needle, to form endless vent line.


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