Caner I Job

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Caner I Job

CANER I JOB will do the fallowing jobs / work – 1. Weaves twine and strips of cane or other flexible material onto furniture frames to form woven seats, backs, or other panels: Cuts strips or twine to length, using knife. 2. Inserts strips or twine through frame holes and interlaces strips within frame openings in horizontal, vertical, and diagonal directions to form woven panels of specified patterns. 3. Pulls strips taut and loops ends of strips in and out of holes to form decorative edges. 4. Staples or tacks twine to frames. 5. May water-soak cane or other material fibers to increase pliability for weaving. 6. May clamp frames in fixtures to hold frames for weaving. 7. May weave strips or twine on tables and wire racks to form decorative edges.


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