Canal-equipment Mechanic Job

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Canal-equipment Mechanic Job

CANAL-EQUIPMENT MECHANIC JOB will do the fallowing jobs / work – 1. Repairs and maintains gates and other structures of irrigation canals, using handtools, power tools, and welding equipment: Disassembles gate-moving gear at dam sites to remove worn or damaged gate cable, using mechanics’ handtools. 2. Slides fitting over new cable and pours molten zinc over fitting to secure fitting to cable. 3. Threads cable around drum of gate lifting apparatus and bolts fitting to gate. 4. Welds broken parts of gates and other dam structures. 5. Builds scaffolding and working platforms, using handtools. 6. Sandblasts old paint and corrosion from gates. 7. Paints gates, using spray gun. 8. Lubricates gear trains, gear boxes, cables, and other fittings, using hand grease gun. 9. Mixes concrete and repairs or constructs wells and pumps, using jackhammer, air drill, and water pump. 10. Constructs and repairs structural and mechanical parts of checks, turnouts, and wasteways along canals. 11. May repair and maintain inland waterway structures and equipment and be designated Lock-And-Dam Equipment Repairer.


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