Calibrator Job

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Calibrator Job

CALIBRATOR JOB will do the fallowing jobs / work – 1. Tests and calibrates controlling, indicating, and measuring instruments and devices, such as monochromators, pressure regulators, tachometers, temperature controls, and thermometers, to ensure specified operating performance, using handtools, testing and calibrating instruments and equipment, and precision measuring instruments: Reads quality control manual and testing specifications to obtain data to test or calibrate specific devices. 2. Selects and installs accessories, such as adapters, indicating gauges, or holding devices on test or calibration fixture, and connects instrument or device to fixture, according to specifications, using handtools. 3. Sets controls to regulate factors, such as current flow, timing cycle, pressure, temperature, or vacuum, according to specifications, and activates test or calibration equipment. 4. Observes readings on meters and gauges, and other displays and performance of device or instrument to identify functional defects and determine calibration requirements. 5. Adjusts calibration mechanisms to obtain specified operational performance of device or instrument, using handtools and precision measuring and calibrating instruments and equipment. 6. Applies sealing compound on calibration mechanism to prevent readjustment of settings and loss of calibration. 7. Rejects malfunctioning devices and routes devices to specified department for rework or salvaging of parts. 8. May disassemble instrument or device to determine cause of defective operation and notify supervisory personnel of findings.


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