Calibrator, Barometers Job

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Calibrator, Barometers Job

CALIBRATOR, BAROMETERS JOB will do the fallowing jobs / work – 1. Tests, calibrates, and adjusts aneroid barometers to obtain specified performance, using handtools and test equipment: Places barometer in vacuum chamber and connects barometer to master barometer. 2. Starts vacuum pump to decrease atmospheric pressure in vacuum chamber, and records variances of readings between aneroid and master barometer at different atmospheric pressures, manually or using computer. 3. Calculates adjustments required and calibrates barometer, using handtools, or automatically calibrates barometer to specifications, using computer. 4. Tests calibrated barometer to ensure calibration conforms to master barometer. 5. Prepares and maintains manual or computerized test and calibration records. 6. May test calibration of aneroid barometers, using radio frequency signals recorded on tape. 7. May disassemble, inspect, and replace defective barometer parts.


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