Calender-roll Press Operator Job

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Calender-roll Press Operator Job

CALENDER-ROLL PRESS OPERATOR JOB will do the fallowing jobs / work – 1. Operates hydraulic press to build calender rolls used to make paper and textile imprinting and embossing machinery: Fits flange over end of shaft. 2. Hoists shaft into vertical position on hydraulic press, using crane. 3. Places rings composed of paper, cotton, wool, and corn husks over shaft until shaft is full. 4. Fits top flange onto shaft. 5. Adjusts valves on hydraulic press, and starts pump to build up pressure. 6. Monitors clock and gauges to ensure that pressure is maintained. 7. Records weight of material put on shaft, measures length of material being compressed, computes density, and stops press when specified density is reached. 8. Maintains pressure for prescribed time. 9. Releases pressure and adds material to shaft as necessary.


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