Calender Operator, Artificial Leather Job

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Calender Operator, Artificial Leather Job

CALENDER OPERATOR, ARTIFICIAL LEATHER JOB will do the fallowing jobs / work – 1. Tends calender machine that compresses cloth and coated cloth sheeting to produce artificial leather fabric: Changes cloth rolls on letoff rack and windup racks, and threads sheeting through calender rollers with assistance of LABORER, GENERAL. 2. Scrapes surfaces of fiber rollers to remove foreign material. 3. Sews ends of cloth rolls together to form continuous sheet, using sewing machine. 4. Inspects sheeting being calendered to detect turned edges, material defects, or uneven coating. 5. Applies gummed tape to holes, faulty seams, or frayed edges, and smooths wrinkles. 6. Applies soap solution to roller to remove surface depressions, and starts calender to dry rollers by friction. 7. May be designated according to processing stage as Raw-Calender Operator; Second-Calender Operator; Third-Calender Operator.


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