Calender-let-off Operator Job

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Calender-let-off Operator Job

CALENDER-LET-OFF OPERATOR JOB will do the fallowing jobs / work – 1. Operates letoff, dipping, and drying units of four-roll calender to bond rubber to fabric: Positions fabric roll in letoff rack, using hoist, and starts festoon. 2. Splices undipped roll to end of roll in process by inserting gum strip between ends and aligning splice in vulcanizer to cure splice. 3. Adjusts guides and pretension rolls to maintain specified width of fabric during dip process. 4. Moves controls on central switch panel to adjust drier temperature, solution level in dip tank, and festoon speed. 5. Notifies CALENDER OPERATOR, FOUR-ROLL of material defects or machine malfunction. 6. May mix ingredients in agitator drum according to written specifications to make dip solutions. 7. When operating dip unit independently of calender, tends windup rack and is designated Dip-Unit Operator.


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