Calciner-operator Helper Job

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Calciner-operator Helper Job

CALCINER-OPERATOR HELPER JOB will do the fallowing jobs / work – 1. Records machine and equipment readings in shift log at specified intervals, examines machines and equipment for malfunctions, and draws composite samples of ore at various stages of processing for laboratory testing: Reads gauges and records water and oil levels, temperatures, and pressures at specified intervals. 2. Examines motors for leaks or hot bearings, conveyor belts for buildup or spillage, belt rollers for squeaks that indicate wear or belt misalignment, oil level in sight glasses, and exhaust fans for dirt and dust buildup. 3. Turns handle to reposition filter on fluidizing blower. 4. Dips sample of ore into bucket or jar at various stages of processing to collect composite sample for laboratory analysis. 5. Notifies CALCINER OPERATOR of machine and equipment malfunctions.


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